LCI group commitments

LCI group sets the course for the challenge of a new decade. Quality and safety are the basis for a perfect symbiosis of economy, ecology and service.

A commitment to quality

We design industrial boilers that are distinguished by maximum efficiency and low emissions, combined with extreme durability and ongoing reliability.

Our design model facilitates engineering, installation and operation. Boilers up to 120 t can be safely turned and manufactured in the ideal position.

LCI group, un engagement de qualité.
Des robots de soudage pour une précision maximale.

High performance factories

Our factories are equipped with very powerful machines.

Welding robots for maximum precision
The measuring and welding of the tubes are fully automated. The robots offer maximum welding precision. No positioning errors due to tool changes are possible.

Limited welding seams for maximum quality
Oxygen and plasma laser cutting machines for cutting bodies and pressure parts. Special devices are used for metal plates up to 3.5 m wide.

LCI group : un contrôle qualité exigent.

A demanding quality control

An X-ray quality control system has been set up for each production line.
Human control is carried out by certified experts and qualified apprentices.
35,000 films are developed per year. At each stage, X-ray tests are carried out on the welds.

Ongoing team training

In order to ensure the permanent availability of boiler systems, the teams are regularly trained to intervene quickly and safely.
Our staff are qualified to work on all types of installations, from simple assistance to the commissioning of a complete thermal power plant.

LCI group : une véritable fiabilité des délais.

Real time reliability

Without exception, all boilers are delivered on time.

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