LCI group your thermal partner

Our teams dynamic, our partners services, our leadership stability, our technical knowledge and creativity invested in every project are the keys to our success.

From an SME company to a group with sharp skills

Created in 1999, LCI group has become a group with multiple skills. The company knew how to make good decisions.

Collaboration with multiple reliable manufacturers has allowed us to ensure, throughout all these years, a real quality production. A profitable partnership and trusting relationships were established. Today LCI group, exclusive partner of BOSCH in France for smoke (flame) tube boilers and of CERTUSS for instantaneous vaporization boilers, has become one of the main manufacturers of high power industrial boilers and is expanding internationally.

LCI group, d'une PME à un groupe aux compétences pointues
LCI group : responsabilité, intégrité et rigueur.

Responsibility, integrity, rigor

The industrial boiler is a very varied field, closely associating mechanics, thermic, chemistry, electricity and automatisms.

Because of the risks that this type of installation can cause, both for the integrity of people and sustainability of an activity, responsibility, integrity and rigor are primordial qualities. Nevertheless, given the rather limited development of the sector, while being constrained by major environmental and regulatory choices, operating cost and energy efficiency constantly called into question, there is plenty of room for creativity, inventions and ingenuity. Each project might seems similar to the previous one, but each project needs to questioning in order to be developed in a specific way with new solutions.

From the small workshop in LOOS-LEZ-LILLE to LCI group and its exclusive partners

The history of LCI group is a great adventure and a challenge at all times.

We have developed a real synergy and trust relationship with BOSCH, formerly LOOS, our exclusive partner with whom we are constantly exchanging to make the products evolve. More than 600 generators were deliver to us with exemplary quality and punctuality. It must be mention that with more than 130,000 boilers delivered all over the world, one can hardly dream of anything better, and the first step we took in the GUNZENHAUSEN workshop almost 20 years ago will always remain an impressive memory. Our partners know how to make boilers ; we know how to integrate them.

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LCI group, une réelle synergie et confiance avec BOSCH.
Creation of Loos industrial boiler
Internalization of the mechanical and electrical engineering department
Construction of the headquarters in Carvin
The brand Loos Chaudière Industrielle becomes LCI Group
LCI becomes exclusive supplier of LTS, 1st boiler Rental Company in Europe.

International presence

LCI group produces more than 2000 boilers per year and more than 110 000 generators are installed worldwide.

Backed by the Bosch and Certuss groups, LCI group benefits from heavy technical means. Interventions are framed, and all possible technical difficulties (burners, boilers, automatism ...) are taken care of quickly, safely and in compliance with regulations.
The group has four sites in France and five in Africa.

boilers in France
boilers in Africa
power from 1 to 38 MW
years of export experience
parts numbers in stock
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