LCI group teams

A young and dynamic team that has been able to grow and develop its experience in line with the company's image. We are certain that it is impossible to detach oneself from the fieldwork, regardless of the hierarchical level, and this is our pride and even our trademark.

80 collaborators

At LCI group there is a real proximity between people ... and besides the offices of the headquarters in Carvin are open space.

Trades and expertises :

  • Audit of the location
  • Boiler integration
  • Commissioning (boiler, burner, complete system)
  • Maintenance (boiler, burner, complete system)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Teleservice
  • Boiler repair
LCI group, 80 collaborateurs en France.

LCI group France is composed of two prefabrication workshops (3500 m²), a design office, a sales and administrative department, 45 technicians (technical experts, site managers, welders, fitters, developers ...) and 5 export technicians.

A strong involvement in studies and technical orientations.

I am currently LCI group President, but I am mainly responsible for projects and development. I am heavily involved in studies and technical orientation. Engineer Arts-et-Métiers, graduated from ENSAM in 1991, I knew the industrial boiler from my studies, to earn some money and to be able to afford my first PC! I was in charge of designing boiler room plans for an industrial boiler manufacturer for whom my father worked. Then I succeeded him, as a technical sales engineer ...

After collaborating with Mathieu Godefroy in the same company we decided to create our own company which has grown to become LCI Group. We have installed more than 500 boilers since the beginning of our story, and I have personally studied and followed each of these projects with rigor and attention. I'm starting to say that some of the boilers I've personally installed have outlived their usefulness, that they need to be replaced, I'm starting to become one of the company's seniors ... But as long as I'm curious and want to find that little extra something that a project can bring, I'll still be here ...

Laurent Carlier CEO LCI group
Technical department

1 technical director
15 tuners (commissioning, adjustment of all brands of burners, all with at least a BTS CIRA)
10 fitters/assembler and welders
10 electricians Design office
2 prefabrication workshops of 1000m2 and 2500m2

Engineering office

1 electrical design manager + 2 design technicians
1 mechanical design manager + 3 design technicians
1 automation department manager + 6 developers, analysts and programmers
5 designer/illustrator

Business monitoring

7 business managers

LCI group : responsabilité, intégrité et rigueur.

Responsive manufacturing plants

The performance of the manufacturing plants combined with the skills of the workers.

Commissioning technicians, design engineers, incident and data history analysts, expert welders for heating elements... 1000 employees are at the service of our customers !

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